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An excellent home builder or renovation contractor is worth their weight in gold - and we love working with them!

Since 2005 we have been working with reputable residential home contractors to build and change homes for the better.

The best contractors are trustworthy, experienced, and well connected. It has taken years for them to develop valuable subcontractor relationships and homeowners do well to leverage their networks. Let us point you in the direction of some of the finest. Call us and we will happily share with you our recommendations free of charge.

If you are a contractor - we would love to meet.  Our business thrives when we are well connected to businesses like yours, who care about quality, efficiency, and service.  Call us now and let us help with your next project.

H Group Inc. is set up just right to work with residential home contractors.  Our experience and expertise is perfectly suited and our clients can expect engineering that is reliable, practical, and innovative.

Collaboration demands capacity and responsiveness.  Our offices are staffed well to ensure that your questioned are answered now!  It is not enough to know an engineer that knows -- you need engineers who respond today!

Call now and add us to your valuable network!

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